ATE project is landing in Jiangsu 芯片ATE测试设备项目落地江苏

CEO at French ATE company recently visited Nanjing city and discuss with China invest agency on landing the project in Jiangsu province with a potential partner who is listed in Shanghai StockEx. The CEO commented the ATE is competent in China market in terms of performance and price, and foreseen a a bright market opportunity in the coming years along with the booming semiconductor industry in China. An ATE device was left to China partner for evaluation in real use scenarios after the meeting.

法国ATE设备公司CEO最近到南京访问, 与中国相关投资机构商讨ATE项目与中国一家在上海股票市场的上市公司合作在江苏省落地事宜。 CEO认为ATE设备在中国市场无论是设备性能, 还是价格都非常具有竞争力, 随着中国半导体产业的蓬勃发展, 该设备市场前景光明。会后, 一套ATE设备留给了潜在合作伙伴在实际应用场合中作为性能评估。

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